Relic Band

RELIC was formed in 2015 as a studio project by Jordan Davis in Cincinnati, OH. The addition of Dan Dickershied on drums brought visceral energy to the live performance and studio alike. Channeling influences from early 90's industrial rock, the duo manifests the sonic power of their self-described sound as industrial-cyberpunk. What results are tracks with a danceable pop mentality buried underneath overwhelming layers of sledgehammer-strong drum and bass rhythms. Pounding machine-driven riffs blaze over constant building tense atmospheres paired with trip-hop style keys and esoteric sounding samples. Davis’ lyrical delivery harkens back to Trent Reznor in the early ’90s — eerie, sexy, hissed vitriol. RELIC's sound evokes unnerved rhythms, possessed cyber-guitars, and haunting yet memorable melodies. Occult themes often permeate the soundscape and aesthetic alike, but with a marriage to technology and the questions of its' rising implications on society.

Review: Cincinnati Industrial duo Relic has quickly gained a foothold in the local scene - CityBeat

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